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Discover how to create an online business in just 1 day - then simply repeat!banner2Want to know how you can create an online business from scratch in just a single day?

More importantly, the website you create to promote your product means you can simply repeat for as many products as you wish

In addition, you’ll learn the secrets of success and set yourself on the path to financial freedom, or grow your existing business.

The Internet University developed the concept of creating an online business in a single day to show just how quick and easy it is - without technical knowledge.

Then we tested it to prove it.

Our consultants ran a series of 1 day hands-on courses and over 120 people of all ages and abilities have successfully created just that - their own online business in a single day simply by watching us build it then copying what we do.

And this is what we now deliver to you - simply WATCH and COPY our experts!

We have divided all the tasks into easy short videos.  Just watch one then copy, then watch the next one.  

Watch as we show you how to find a product and BEFORE YOU SPEND A PENNY, do some quick research to ensure people are hungry for your product.

Then watch as we:

  • Register a domain

  • Create our hosting

  • install WordPress

  • Add the theme and plugins

  • Add our Search Engine Optimisation

  • Add our sales page

  • Add our product

  • Link it to take payments

  • Go Live in a single day

But there is a whole library of more tips, tricks and secrets you can choose to add to your website to drive even more free traffic and customers.including:

  • Aiming for Google's top spot

  • Creating Facebook groups and pages

  • Finding Facebook fans

  • Create a Google+ page in minutes

  • YouTube is fun - and easy!

And so much more with the latest tips and snippets being added every week.

Join us and you have a no-limit membership - no recurring fees and you will always have access to our latest updates.

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