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Follow our talk track and guide to explaining the many benefits of the Internet University

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Use the guide to familiarise yourself with how to make your prospects understand it's a 'no brainer' to join.

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Follow our flow as we explain our site and the huge benefits.

We have provided both the basics of selling, and our own talk track


The Concepts of Selling

If you are new to selling, here we provide a guide to the basics of what make people buy.

We also provide the talk track to selling the Internet University




The Concepts of Selling – So What

Talk Track

1.The idea of the Internet University is for anyone to become an Entrepreneur online – by simply Watch | Copy | Succeed | Repeat

2.The problem is that, until now, no real successful Entrepreneur will share exactly how they do it

3.The Internet University is the ONLY site which SHOWS you how we take an idea, check the market is hungry and you can WATCH then COPY a real Entrepreneur


The Concepts of Selling – Who cares

Talk Track

1.Anyone who’s dreamed of making their ideas a reality, or simply want to take their current business to the next level and beyond.

2.Email, Facebook business forums, simple web site, network meetings

3.Each member can make an outstanding living just from becoming an Internet University affiliate (see final slide on clinching a deal)



The Concepts of Selling – why you

Talk Track

1.Save MONTHS of looking for the right information – and also thousands £££’s in various training courses, conferences and ‘expert’ advice.

2.YES – our video library is EXACTLY what our successful team use as a blueprint to create successful online businesses.

3.For a very low one time fee you will get:

  • FREE support from our expert team – FOR LIFE.

  • FREE updates as techniques and markets change – FOR LIFE

  • FULL access to the Internet University – FOR LIFE

  • You will not find this exclusive blueprint ANYWHERE



The Site - Walking Protects Through

We find it easier to load up several browser tabs and take prospects through each area showing them the layout and explaining each benefit

Talk Track: Access from anywhere on any device and watch your video library



Members Area

Show them what this area looks like

Talk Track: Access your private area – 1 click support


Unique Workflow (or Blueprint)

This is unique to us!  Our experts have written down EXACTLY how they create successful online businesses and behind each step you can WATCH them in action - you will not find this anywhere else!

Talk Track: Comprehensive – each step has a Watch & Copy video behind it



Video Pages

Explain that step of the workflow you click on takes you directly to that video page

Talk Track: Each video page has a Next and Previous easy navigation section



Video Example

Showing the example of a video page

Talk Track: Each video you will WATCH our experts carrying out each task – simply COPY what you see




Explain the following are all FREE FOR LIFE

  • „FREE support – we never leave you on your own – simply ask our team of experts on any subject you want to succeed in

  • „FREE Updates – techniques change, Google Changes, We Adapt and Update.  Any new ways of penetrating new markets or simply new techniques, we update your library.

  • „FREE For Life – you pay a single one time membership and enjoy years of free access, free support and free updates

  • „Join Now and start your life as a successful Entrepreneur



Call To Action

Ready to get them to join?

  • „Get your prospects excited – then don’t let them leave without checking out.

  • „It might be worth having a mobile device handy, open at the checkout page and get them to sign up there and then.

  • „Explain the scarcity of using your codes – available for a ‘limited time’ (you don’t have to specify, but for the sake of integrity, you could change your codes on a quarterly basis therefore stating the truth).

  • „Need more discount? You could start the conversation with the smallest discount – then when closing the deal, offer the next discount up of it will clinch it – explain this is normally for friends and family


Once a prospect goes cold they normally stay cold – make sure you replay the immediate access to becoming a successful Entrepreneur - FASTTRACK



Call To Action – The Clincher

  • „Every member has the opportunity to become an affiliate

  • „Tell your prospect that, if they join and find just 2 people to join at full price, they will receive more than their money back.

  • „If they discount £100 and find 50 people to join, they will make nearly £20,000.

  • „If they just spend a year finding 1000 people through forums, Facebook, emails, simple web page, network meetings, they would make nearly £200,000 – an easy part time job

  • „And they could sell anywhere in the world



If you have any questions on how to approach new prospects just ask by emailing The Team - good luck!



Need Affiliate Codes?

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