Affiliate Scheme – How It Works

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You have the opportunity to become an affiliate AND MAKE A LIVING THE EASY WAY

The Internet University offers an unique affiliate scheme - you could make a fantastic annual income without doing anything else but spreading eh word and earning!

„All you would need to do find just 2 people to join at full price and you would receive more than your membership fee back!.



We can create unique discount codes for you to pass to your prospects and we pay you each month - no questions.

For example if you discount £100 and find 50 people to join, you will make nearly £20,000.

„If you just spend a year finding 1000 people through forums, Facebook, emails, simple web page, network meetings, you would make nearly £200,000 – an easy part time job.

There are almost 5 million business owners in the UK alone - they all need this skill.

Not forgetting the millions of budding entrepreneurs - all need the helping hand and most probably wasting money on projects or training courses - without results!

„And you could sell anywhere in the world!



Set Yourself an Easy Goal

OK so let's see how easy this is.

In the first month set yourself a target of just 10 people using a code that gives them £100 discount.

Just 10 people.  That would give you just under £2000 for doing almost nothing.

Once you've seen how easy that is - double it.

And do this each month - just for fun.

Month 1 - 10 sign ups = £1985

Month 2 - 20 sign ups = £3970

Month 3 - 40 sign ups = £7940

Nearly £8k per month for just 40 signups


Want to have more fun?

How about just 1000 per year with your £100 discount code = £198,500 in your pocket - no questions.


Is it that easy?

Yes it is - we want to grow our brand and also have great case studies (you) that people can make seriously great money.


How Does It Work?

„In order to become an affiliate you must ask us for your unique affiliate code.

„Anytime one of your members uses that code at checkout, we can track the code through monthly Stripe report and pay your commission on a regular basis.

„You can have as many codes as you like – we recommend at least 3

„Your codes should always apply a discount other wise there would be no reason your prospects would use it

„Your codes should be short, easy to remember and all in lowercase so that your prospects do not have to remember any case profile


„univip50 – applies a £50 discount

„univip100 – applies a £100 discount

„univip150 – applies a £150 discount

„You determine the amount you want to discount up to £200.  So if the web price is £497 you could have a discount code for £200 meaning they pay just £297 – you receive half of that amount.

„Simply ensure your prospects clearly know what your codes are by:

  • „Putting them on business cards

  • „Making it clear on emails

  • „Create your own 1 page website and provide a link to the Internet University making sure your code(s) and the fantastic discounts they offer are very clear.


How do I get My Codes?

Need affiliate codes?  Simply send an email to with the subject Codes Please and detail what you want your codes to be, and what discount you need for each code.


How We Pay

The important part - being paid.

All online sales are governed by a 14 day cancellation option which we abide by.

So the first working day of each month we run a report on your codes, less those within the 14 days, and email you the amount due.

Simply send us a quick invoice (template below) and we pay you the same day - simple.

Why do you need to send an Invoice?  Simply, we need to show this as an outgoing for tax purposes.

You can set up a Ltd company for as little as £13 within a couple of hours - just use that company number on an invoice.


Can You Give Me The Talk Track?


Using the links below you can read our sales pitch or even download the slideshow which you could edit to suit your own style.

It's easier to demonstrate the site with a mobile device - tablets especially as you could have a page open for your prospects to sign up on the spot.

Click here to view our Sales Page

Click here to download our slide deck

I'm Ready - Sign Me Up Now

Sign up now and start right away.  Simply send an email to with the subject Codes Please and detail what you want your codes to be, and what discount you need for each code.