About The Internet University

We've been leading internet tech for years now,but always on a 1-to-1 basis, and the gap in our market opened up - online training from real entrepreneurs using a unique online business workflow.

Over the years we have seen many advances for all online marketing strategies, from the early days of single sale sites, to multi-billion platforms. Of course the relatively recent birth of mobile has accelerated the ease of access that millions of people worldwide now have to making 1 click purchases. This has led to a boom in new entrepreneurs looking for that next viral product or service - and that's where we come in.

We've been leading internet tech for years now, but always on a 1-to-1 basis, and the gap in our market opened up - online training from real entrepreneurs using a unique online business workflow. Whilst you can get training online in many arenas, the are no programmes which aim to tailor a step-by-step process from zero to Live for anyone who wants to make money online, or even grow an existing business. By simply using our Watch | Copy | Succeed | Repeat mantra.

So welcome to (as far as we know) the worlds first entrepreneur programme The Internet University.

Here's to your success

Meet the team.

jason gee online marketing expert

Jason Gee,


Jason personally trains hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners each year
He began designing websites and applying online marketing techniques pretty much since the internet began.

Starting in 1990, when there were no images on the internet and it was all done in Notepad. Jason soon joined a team which built the UK’s first ever intranet for BT.
It was not long before he was assisting the Disney Store in creating their own intranet, followed by the Disney Store’s first online shop. Moving onto government agencies as an advisor for online marketing, and to large corporations such as Marks & Spencer, Whitbread and some of the UK's top media companies as a development director, he swiftly became a head-hunted web developer and International Consultant.

Not content with static or commerce-only sites, Jason undertook the real challenge of deploying Global internet software featuring complex functionality and security controls. A dedicated family man and part time musician, Jason has built many start-up sites and projects, including membership sites and an internet marketing business, and now divides his time between the various businesses and working with new entrepreneurs.

andy mikellides online marketing expert

Andy Mikellides,


Andy entered the throes of the digital world at a slightly later stage than Jason.
After graduating from Uni as an Aerodynamicist, Andy became a 'rocket scientist' working for GEC-Marconi Dynamics in the early 90's. In 1995 he joined the RAF as a pilot, went on to fly the Tornado GR4 and later became a flying instructor, teaching the new pilots how to fly jets.

In 2007 he decided it was time to take another direction and joined the City to become a trader working for UBS. During this time he also helped to mentor people in start-ups and charities, who were seeking strategies to grow their business/enterprise and online presence.

During the last five years, Andy's interest in all things internet, from websites through to social media, increased dramatically - he volunteered to help friends and family with their online businesses in his spare time. He also developed his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience through the Internet Business School. A dedicated family man and sports enthusiast (especially Triathlon), Andy is interested in developing start-ups, web design, social media, branding, membership sites and internet marketing.

Hannes Jordaan solutions thought leader

Hannes Jordaan,


Hannes is our internationally experienced founder and brings our partners on board.
With a background in consultancy and vast experience in all types of cloud platforms, he knows how to create solid, transactionally rich and robust websites.